Landcape Victoria, new home in oak bay


What makes our gardening services superior to our competition?

We have a passion for gardening and a commitment to both our performance and customer satisfaction. You can trust the Vision Landscaping team to keep your property maintained using proper pruning techniques & horticultural practices for the long lasting success and health of your garden & yard.

Lawn care

We offer complete lawn care services. Our team uses commercial grade mowers, trimmers and blowers. We offer high quality fertilizers with comprehensive seasonal schedules. Having studied  turf – grass management from an award winning instructor Brian Youll Master – Superintendend at the Uplands golf course we are confident in our knowledge of turf. We offer a reliable and punctual lawn care service. Let us help you have the lawn you’ve always wanted!

Landscape design - Basalt stone water feature - Celtic patio - Landscaping - Gardening
Landcape Victoria, new home in oak bay


Vision Landscaping provides professional pruning services for a range of plants and needs.  Whether pruning for maximum fruit production on fruit trees, or restoring mature shrubs to their natural shape, we take pride in our work and hold ourselves to a standard of excellence.  Proper pruning techniques are paramount in establishing a beautiful healthy garden. Understanding botany, plant hormone responses and individual plant growth habits allows us to prune trees/ shrubs in the best way for the beauty and health of the plant. 



It takes practice, sharp blades and an eye to detail to deliver a nice, tight-trimmed hedge.  This is critical in creating a crisp, eye-catching border or path-side feature. We use top of the line commercial grade equipment to ensure quality and timely hedging services. 


Landscape design - Basalt stone water feature - Celtic patio - Landscaping - Gardening
Landcape Victoria, new home in oak bay

Lawn restoration

Power raking, aerating, weed and moss control, fertilizer schedules and overseeding are effective tools in restoring and maintaining healthy, lush lawns. We use properly developed schedules and top quality products and machines to restore lawns to their full potential. We remove thatch, weeds and moss, aerate with deep time aerators, top dress with sandy compost and seed to create healthy areas grass can fill in and thrive.

Aeration and power raking services

Aeration and power raking are instrumental in maintaining a healthy lawn.  We go above and beyond your average Aeration service.  Not only do we remove cores from the site, we top dress with sandy compost to back-fill the spaces.  This allows organic matter to penetrate deeper into the ground to create a fertile soil for grass to flourish.  We also aeration for larger areas than your average home, with a deep tine aerator. 

Power Raking thoroughly removes thatch, moss and weeds from lawns.  When coupled with Aeration and top dressing, this creates space for new grass seed to grow and thrive.  A property specific fertilizing schedule will ensure a lush lawn, sure to be recognized and enjoyed.  

Landscape design - Basalt stone water feature - Celtic patio - Landscaping - Gardening




Vision Landscaping is the best! Conscientious, hard working and kind gentlemen…they are my “go to” guys to keep my garden looking tidy and at its best!!

– Anita Fleice

These guys do a fantastic job, have used them several times, thoroughly recommended!

– Tony Beck

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